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Vanilla Tea Benefits - What to Know

Vanilla lovers will be happy to know that there are ways to implement this common flavor for healthful purposes. Although not as robust of a treatment as other herbs, vanilla tea benefits include certain therapeutic properties, including a few surprising ones. Both vanilla and chocolate were unheard of in Western culture prior to the conquistador Cortes who discovered the beans in ancient Central American society, and then shipped them to Europe. After about a hundred years, vanilla caught on in popularity and became a prestigious type of flavoring found in expensive desserts around England and the rest of Europe. Today, vanilla is common everywhere, if not the true bean then vanilla is commonly found as various types of artificial flavoring used in products like ice cream and cake.

Vanilla tea is commonly sold at most supermarkets, and may be combined with other types of teas to mix up the flavor, such as vanilla raspberry or vanilla chai. It’s typically thought of as a flavorful tea that’s sweetened with sugar and plenty of milk. However, vanilla tea may also be served black and more robust to enjoy the vanilla flavoring in a more natural form. One of the most immediate vanilla tea benefits is the ability to relieve stress. Both the aroma of vanilla and perhaps undiscovered properties of vanillin seem to promote relaxation.

In addition to this, vanilla has other herbal folk-remedies attached to it as well. Vanilla tea benefits have been implicated in both the reduction of weight, and the curing of nausea, as well. Vanilla’s effect on nausea is immediately noticeable with a strong cup of vanilla tea, or by adding a couple drops of vanilla extract to a glass of milk and slowly sipping it. As for the weight loss properties, these are not conclusively scientifically determined yet, although it’s certainly worth a shot to see if it has any potential benefit on you.

The more natural and raw the ingredients of the vanilla tea bag are, the better—and you should avoid artificial / synthetic vanilla that is often created in laboratories and does not have any particular positive health effects. Unlike other therapeutic herbs, vanilla tea benefits are available without any side effects to be aware of, although interestingly vanilla is implicated in helping regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. While beneficial to some, pregnant women may want to hold off on excess vanilla consumption until more information is known about what exact ways vanilla alters menstruation.

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