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Many people buy vanilla tea because it’s one of the most flavorful teas you can find on the grocery store aisle. In addition, it makes a perfect combination mixture with other teas, by adding a vanilla tea bag with a chai bag, or even another herbal tea in order to enhance the flavor. However, what some people don’t realize is that vanilla itself has certain therapeutic properties found within the raw extract as well as certain vanilla teas that are made from organic raw ingredients. One of the most famous uses of vanilla is the purported aphrodisiac properties of the tea. For some people vanilla quickly enhances the libido.

Some of the other reasons to buy vanilla tea include both the relaxation properties of vanilla, and the ability for vanilla to cure nausea, both of which are well-documented folk remedies. Vanilla is also implicated in everything from helping women’s menstrual cycles, to a topical application on wounds, as vanilla allegedly promotes the body’s natural healing capabilities. In addition, vanilla is implicated in directly mitigating cold and flu symptoms. However, the sheer extend of vanilla’s healthful properties are not yet fully determined by scientific testing, and so many of these effects may, or may not, have immediate benefit to you.

Vanilla appeared on the scene around 1520 when the Spanish conquistador Cortes returned from the Americas with both vanilla and cocoa beans. This would lead the way toward an era of Victorian popularity toward chocolate and vanilla desserts many years later. Today, vanilla is almost impossible to avoid, as the flavoring represents the world’s most popular ice cream and one can buy vanilla tea at any supermarket. Although despite how common vanilla is, the process to refine it is much more complicated and involves delicate hand-pollination of the vanilla orchid to produce beans that are then synthesized into the extract. This is probably why the substitute vanilla flavorings are much more common than the bean itself.

The best way to buy vanilla tea is to make sure the ingredients are the freshest without the use of artificial flavoring. A company like Buddha Teas can provide raw dried vanilla beans and other components of the orchid in order to achieve the most benefit from the tea. Vanilla may be implemented as part of an overall natural, herbal solution for various illnesses, especially for the promotion of relaxation or possibly even helping to fight depression and decrease levels of stress and anxiety—thus minimizing the risk of stress-related diseases.

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